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Over 10 years of experience solving the challenges and roadblocks that come with drop shipping.

Dropwiser was built from day one to address the unique needs of drop ship retail, unlike other systems which often include drop shipping as an afterthought. We think you’ll notice a huge difference in how easy and perfectly suited our solution is.


Efficiency freaks

Manual data entry? Can’t bear it. Duplicated efforts? Won’t stand for it.

We understand that any time you spend on mundane tasks is time you could be focusing on growing your business. If there is a better way to get you, your team, and your trading partners working faster with less effort, we want to find it.


Customer Experience

We live for making customers happy.

And not just you, but the end retail customer and your trading partners as well. Because we understand that drop shipping only works if it works for everyone.

Christofir Krihkori

Need an action plan to grow your business into a global enterprise? Whether you’re starting your first business or are a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur, Christofir Krihkori’s life-changing presentations will show you how to expand your business and achieve the next level of success. The CEO/Founder of GK International, a business consulting and coaching firm and an expert in start-ups, branding, business development and international marketing, Christofir is passionate about showing audiences how to harness the power of eCommerce to turn a small or mid-size business into a worldwide enterprise.

Christofir knows business from the inside out on every level—from manufacturing and distribution to retail and online. For more than 15 years, he’s worked with businesses at every stage—from start-ups to major global brands, from $1MM to $100MM companies—to increase sales, productivity and overall success. A specialist in international trading, eCommerce, and building successful companies around the world, Christofir loves to help audiences understand the manufacturing-distribution-retail chain so they can make wise decisions and create a more abundant lifestyle for themselves and their families. “Wherever you are in that chain, it’s essential to understand the other parts of the puzzle,” he says, and his lively, humorous talks give you the knowledge and perspective you need to see the big picture and boost your profits.

Christofir customizes his presentations specifically for retailers, manufacturers and distributors and, depending on his audience, shows how to:  

Build and run a successful eCommerce business (wholesale or retail)
Do business and dropship with major online retailers like Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Overstock, Wayfair, GILT and many more
Choose the right eCommerce platform
Get started selling online
Implement eCommerce best practices
Source products from overseas
Master email marketing
Use the latest technology to streamline eCommerce
Integrate with back office systems
Manage product data
Present products to major online retail buyers (for wholesalers)
Passionate about business since childhood, Christofir bought and started over 10 companies at a young age and has an extensive background in international trading, eCommerce, and building successful companies around the world. He has operated his own overseas manufacturing/trading company, as well as owning direct online retail operations, and he’s a specialist in navigating the Chinese marketplace.

Retailers, manufacturers and distributors leave Christofir Krihkori’s passionate, interactive presentations armed with an action plan to take their business to the next level and turn their passion into success. Contact


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